Teilnahme von Corvin Kintzel an der Junior Akademie NRW -Ostbevern zum aktuellen Thema „Nanotechnologie“ vom 29.07. bis zum 07.08.2014


Teilnahme von Corvin Kintzel an der Junior Akademie NRW -Ostbevern zum aktuellen Thema „Nanotechnologie“ vom 29.07. bis zum 07.08.2014. Die Schulleitung und die MINT Koordinatorin, Frau Dr. Jahnke- van Wüllen, auf deren Empfehlung Corvin an der Junior Akademie teilgenommen hat, freuen sich mit Corvin und gratulieren herzlich.
Das von Corvin gewählte Projekt wurde auf Englisch durchgeführt. Hier sein Bericht!

My Report of the Junior Academy NRW 2014 in Ostbevern

From July 29th till August 7th, 2014, I was in the Junior Academy in Ostbevern, I was suggested by my school to go there, and then I had to apply myself there.
The lessons were in English, and I applied for the Nanotechnology course. There is a boarding home, so I could sleep there and in the mornings I had breakfast there.
Our daily schedule started at 6.30 am with early-morning exercise (Running, swimming). At 7.30 am we had breakfast and then at 8.30 am there was a morning assembly, and at 9 o´clock the lessons/courses started and they ended at 12.30 AM. Then we had lunch and a break, and at 4 pm the lessons started again and was ending at 6 pm and we had dinner. After the dinner there were so called “KüAs”, that were activities, which were comprehensive courses. This “KüAs” were things like sports, music or languages. Some of them were made by the teachers, but most of them were made by the students themselves.
In the courses were 2 teachers, because one teacher was a native speaker, from Great Britain and the other one was a German teacher who could help if we had problems to understand the English.
For the first day we had to prepare a short presentation for the course at home, and we presented them, then the teachers explained us, what Nano is and in the 10 days we learned in experiments and internet researches, some ways how the Nature uses Nanotechnology and how we use Nanotechnology.
We had things like the Lotus effect, Fire spitting or Memory Metall.
On the Saturday we had the Rotation Day, and we rotated the courses and saw, what the other courses did, and showed what we did. The other courses were Biomimicry and Wonders of Symmetry.
In the last few days we made a completion presentation in English. My part was the Fire spitting experiment, which works with Lycopodium.

To conclude I can say, that it was very interesting and a lot of fun, and that I met new friends. I had the possibility to work on a subject in depth and very intensively. Corvin Kintzel